Childress Klein Spotlights: Microsites Made Easy

April 23, 2024
For organizations with diversified business operations, there are pros and cons to operating multiple websites. On the pros side, you get to give each website its own personality, with its own bran...

Admin Dialogs: A Simple Innovation for Better User Experience

April 10, 2024
Small innovations can have a big impact. The paperclip was just a bent piece of wire that somebody repurposed in the late 19th century and we all now have in our desks. The Post-It note was just a low-grade adhesive applied to a piece of paper before it became a key office supply.

Chapter Three is a Certified Drupal 7 Migration Partner!

March 5, 2024
Happy March! If you’re reading this blog post on the day of publication, you now have exactly ten months to migrate out of Drupal 7 before it reaches end of life on January 5, 2025. After numerous extensions, this date is final and there will be no further extensions.

Fixing the Drupal Document Problem With Document OCR

June 13, 2023
If you are a Digital Manager of an enterprise website, you likely have a large PDF problem. Over the years, your site has become a labyrinth of linked PDFs – thousands of them – accessible only via...