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August 26, 2021

Ok, sounds weird, but it’s true.

Imagine for a moment using Next.js as the decoupled front-end of your Drupal site. Imagine it worked well and was transparent to your content editors. Use the power of Drupal, with built-in JSON API’s to feed all the content you can think of to the front-end. Use Next.js to build out hyper-performing front-end experiences. This approach opens up new possibilities for your developers and your website to deliver content quickly, securely, and across multiple platforms.

Chapter Three is excited to introduce our open-source integration of Next.js and Drupal: https://next-drupal.org

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Photo credit: Max Pixel

Next.js for Drupal, or Next-Drupal provides a path to replace your Drupal front-end with Next.js while retaining key Drupal editing features: the best of both worlds.

  • Instant preview within Drupal. Content editors want to see the work they do when they publish it, not five or ten minutes later. We provide an instant preview of your Next.js site within the editing workflow. Your editors will love this! 

  • Keep your favorite Drupal editing features. Menu items, views, search, translations, revision previews, draft content, and content moderation are all supported! You do not have to give up your editing experience when you use Next-Drupal.

  • Familiar content architecture. Create custom content architecture schemas using Drupal fields, but leave the myriad of modules and clunky twig template engines behind.  Your developers will LOVE this!

  • Gated content. Our solution is fully integrated with Roles, Permissions, and the user login system. You can use the Drupal login system to provide gated content on your Next.js front-end.

  • Multisite and Multiple Views. Hosting many sites within one Drupal installation has been upgraded. Using our solution, you can host as many sites as you want. You can push to multiple Next.js front-ends, including digital displays beyond the traditional browser. Do you have a pile of Drupal 7 areas that need a modern solution? You have found it. Build your content platform now.

The age of monolithic software that does everything is getting old. PHP and Mysql are not the sexy new technologies they once were. Bottom line:

  • Drupal is an amazing content management platform
  • Next.js is an amazing front-end
  • We combined them.

The result is the best Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich a technology could possibly deliver! Let’s build your project using Drupal and Next.js!