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Design System Implementation, Migration and Restructured User Experience

Chapter Three implemented the UNDP's design system, migrated thousands of pages and files and restructured the site's information architecture to create a more unified content strategy that unified reports, blog posts and news items using a revamped taxonomy.


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Data Center

Working with the HDRO data and communications teams, we established a technical strategy for incorporating a new series of third-party visualizations into the site, seamlessly integrating them onto country data pages while providing improved on-page narrative to accompany the data.

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Responsive mobile design

The mobile design is clean, comprehensive and scales appropriately, allowing users to navigate both reports and data elegantly for the device accessing the content.

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Reports and Publications Library

The new publications library brings together -- for the first time -- all reports in a unified center. Using a new, easier to navigate taxonomy and filtering system, rather than the old pages that relied on multiple paths of subnavigation. Now users can easily access the full catalogue of decades of reports and filter by topic, year, and country to refine and find exactly what they need.

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Editorial Component-Based Page Builder

Chapter Three places a great deal of emphasis on developing intuitive administrative user interfaces. To that end, we collaborated closely with the project team to understand previous pain points in site administration and customize the standard site administration with theming and annotation improvements. These upgrades ensure that content editors understand what goes where, and have readily available editorial guidance within the interface and not just within separate documentation. 

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