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The Problem: Integration

Chapter Three has extensive experience building developer portals using Apigee's Kickstart platform. iCIMS came to us with a developer portal that had serious shortcomings. The portal’s single sign-on (SSO) integration did not work properly and rendered documentation poorly. We needed to clean up and optimize their existing portal, which was built with Kickstart but hadn't taken advantage of several features that could fix what was wrong.


The Solution: Audit, Analyze, Prioritize

Step one was to conduct an audit of the existing portal. Next, we met with the client, presented our results, and worked together to create and prioritize the resulting action items. This list included getting SSO to work correctly, fixing the layout of documentation pages, fixing the OpenAPI widget, and various other odds and ends.

Fixing the portal’s SSO integration was challenging due to the many roles and permission levels, and the fact that it integrated with two different providers: one for internal users and another for external users.

The most important part of any developer portal is the API documentation display, and there were numerous issues with this at the outset. The original portal had been built using the default widget that comes with Kickstart, which only offers limited support of OpenAPI features. Our developer team had several options for better, more customized widgets, and we were able to reorganize the documentation to be easily digestible and scalable.

Once we completed the priority work, we did some additional site clean-up, before getting to work on new features.

The project took approximately eight months to complete, followed by a soft-launch period. During that time we made small refinements to the portal while the old version remained active. Once we perfected the improvements, iCIMS was able to switch off its old, problematic portal, and direct developer traffic exclusively to the new one.

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The new site makes it much easier for iCIMS to make its many APIs available to its partner developers. It presents all of the documentation for these APIs in an organized, easy to navigate format, while providing SSO access to the employees and partners.

Our technical expertise and collaborative spirt created a vastly improved user experience for the portal. It's one of the many reasons iCIMS has joined the list of clients turning to Chapter Three to build and maintain their most important websites. If you're looking for a partner to help build yours, please get in touch

As a client in need of Drupal experts for a developer website integrated with Apigee, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the Chapter Three team. From the very beginning, their professionalism and expertise were evident. They approached each task with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the project was executed flawlessly. I was particularly impressed by their problem-solving abilities. No matter the complexity or magnitude of the challenges we presented, they consistently provided innovative and effective solutions. This level of expertise instilled confidence in me and assured the success of our project. Deadlines were consistently met and the project was executed with remarkable efficiency. The team’s project management skills were evident throughout the entire process, and it was a pleasure to witness such seamless coordination. I would wholeheartedly recommend Chapter Three to any organization seeking Drupal website development. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence undoubtedly set them apart in the industry.

JoAnn Graziano
Sr. Onboarding Specialist | iCIMS