Do excellent work

We take pride in our work. We push ourselves to go the extra mile. We obsess over details that make the difference between good and great.

Build a better internet

We don’t just build websites; we build the technology that shapes the future. Sites that fuse great content, design, and user experience enhance our lives and improve how we experience the world.

Find better ways to solve problems

We constantly evaluate our process and find ways to become more effective. We seek out new tools and methods to improve the way we deliver results.

Everyone’s ideas count

Each team member has a voice at Chapter Three. There is always room for good ideas and we empower everyone to solve problems.

Share what you know

We foster collaborative teaching and learning, both internally and throughout the larger Drupal community.

Be future minded

We focus on sustainability in everything we do, including our code, site designs, office culture and management style.

Push your limits

Great work happens when people break out of their comfort zones. We encourage self-improvement on all levels.

Be transparent

We encourage open, honest communication. The best decisions are made when all the information is on the table.

Code wants to be free

We make our code publicly available and benefit from others who do the same. This lets us deliver more value by building on previous solutions.

It’s all a work in progress

We can always do better and we will never stop trying.