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Kickstart Plans

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to migrate off of Drupal 7, our team represents dozens of years of experience thinking about, designing and building sophisticated websites. We are expert at both the Integrated Portal and we wrote the new Kickstart.  We will build the right solution for your business. 

New Developer Portal

We provide a full solution for creating new developer portals that fit your business needs.   

Requirements / Scoping

Integrated Portal or Kickstart?  We help you define what you want to build, why you want to build it, how it should look and how to best to serve your developer audience

Technical Architecture

We map your requirements to the proper solution.  Integrated Portal or Kickstart we make sure your developer platform is architected for business success.


We will rapidly prototype your new site with the features required for either Integrated Portal or Kickstart we are experts in both.   

Hosting, Training and Support

Chapter Three is a one stop solution for kickstart projects.  Long Term support provides a technical backstop you can rely on.  Hosting is provided through a Google Certified hosting platform.


Developer Portal Migration

We have a clear process for moving your existing Drupal 7 developer portal to Integrated Platform or Kickstart   

Strategic Requirements / Scoping

Scoping out business requirements that have been built.  Integrated or Kickstart will be selected as the platform that will support the migration. 

Technical Architecture

Once we understand what you need to build, your implementation plan provides the necessary documentation of the technical CMS, migration and Apigee integrations that will be built. 

Development and Implementation

 We will rapidly prototype your site, create and connect a beautiful custom design that matches your brand.

Hosting, Training and Support

We are your partner. Long term support gives you a technical team you can rely on.  We provide hosting for Kickstart through Google Certified Platforms.  

Interested in a new developer portal or migration upgrade?