Lindsay Paul Office Manager
May 27, 2016

Another Friday has fallen upon us! Here is a brief synopsis of what's been accumulating over the past week:

  • At long last, an extension that allows you to take screenshots without the clutter on your desktop!
  • Gavin Vickery will tell you why it is wise to switch from Python to Node.js

  • Once you go Drupal, you never go back.

  • Octicons are now replaced with SVG alternatives (SVG icons). It won’t take you long to realize why they are a vast improvement.

  • Now available on Amazon web services: EC2 memory-optimized instance with 2 TB of memory!

  • PSA all designers-- Sketch Mirror is now free on iCloud! Download it and preview your sketches conveniently on your device.

Lastly, we should all aspire to follow the example of good old fashioned R/R the way that is demonstrated by this fella. Summer is coming.

Summer Daze