Mike Madison Senior Strategist
August 26, 2020

The creation and delivery of ethical medical systems is an urgent concern for healthcare professionals and systems around the globe. A worldwide pandemic has only heightened the stakes for those involved in ensuring that delivery of patient care is driven by ethical and transparent decision-making across the international, private healthcare sector. To help drive the adoption of ethical systems, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) partnered with the World Bank to create the EPiHC (Ethical Principles in Health Care) initiative, which seeks to work with partners around the globe to sign onto a set of 10 principles to guide the behavior of healthcare providers, payors, and investors.

Chapter Three worked with the IFC’s programmatic and communications teams to provide strategy, design and development for this global initiative. We’re especially proud of these key accomplishments for this project:

  • Efficient project work: from kickoff to completion of development in under 2 months. The client had critical, short deadlines that needed to be met in order to announce a more public phase of this effort to recruit new organizations to sign on to EPiHC.
  • A completely remote collaboration: with the client. Given that this was one of the first new projects established during the current pandemic, we turned what might have been in-person strategy sessions into a series of smaller online workshops.
  • A detailed Signatory form and backend workflow: that allows the IFC team to vet organizations interested in joining the EPiHC initiative.
  • Built on Drupal 8: providing the IFC team a platform to build a robust Signatory community via user profiles (with engagement that will be expanded over time).
  • Content strategy: we suggested refactoring content previously locked away in a PDF and turning that into “chapters” incorporated on the left side of the Principles page.
EPiHC Principles Page

The Principles Page at the new website provides an easy-to-use "chapters" style interface to quickly access each of the 10 principles that make up the EPiHC initiative.

The EPiHC initiative was previously housed deep within the IFC website. This setup was suitable as an incubator while the content and program was being built up, but over time became increasingly impractical from both a visibility and architectural perspective. As shown below, the navigation structure of the previous mini-site looked like it all related to the EPiHC project but in fact those links ("Thought Leadership", "Case Studies" and "Publications") referred to IFCs other topical content, not specifically content for EPiHC. This was confusing and necessitated moving the pages to their own, uniquely branded site.

EPiHC Old Site

The old EPiHC minisite inherited navigation (including "Thought Leadership", "Case Studies" and "Publications") from the main IFC website and not directly related to EPiHC. Though temporary, this caused confusion and necessitated a move to a standalone site.

To make EPiHC visible, sustainable and marketable to organizations interested in signing on, we created a clean, elegant design that provides easy to understand pathways to their essential content: the “EPiHC Principles” and the “Become a Signatory” form.

EPiHC Homepage

The new EPiHC website designed and built by Chapter Three shows clean design, prominent highlight of the Signatory Form and elegant branding between imagery and the project's logo. 

The EPiHC team has already secured dozens of Signatories to this effort and expects to recruit hundreds more. The recruitment effort will rely heavily on the clear content architecture and clean design of the new EPiHC website, powered by Drupal 8 and built quickly as a result of close collaboration between the IFC and Chapter Three.

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