October 20, 2009

It was a great time as always at BADCamp. Chapter Three brought in copious coffee from Ritual Roasters and supplied bagels for morning munchies and I was excited to give my "Drupal in the Cloud" talk, as well as a more in-depth presentation on making Drupal fast and scalable. Matt and Jon rocked worlds with their talks digging into what we're calling "The Panels Paradigm" around here, and Squiggy introduced a room full of folks to the nuts and bolts of theming in Views 2.0.

That plus all the conversations had, almost had and interrupted in the hallways and at Jupiter... well, it's nothing short of exhilarating. We'll likely have more reflections and reactions from the team, but below you can find links to our presentations.

Also, huge credit is due to Tao Starbow and (doing it on her own time, not ours) Jen Lampton. Without their leadership, effort and organization, this event simply wouldn't be possible.

I realized at one point during the weekend just how big the ripples were from having a first-class camp three years running: there's no way we'd have the local community confidence to bring DrupalCon North America to San Francisco next spring without this event. Hats off.

And of course, the slides:

You can see a full list of other presentation slides here. Many more worth reviewing.

See you all next year!