Stephanie Canon Managing Partner Follow
March 8, 2017

Acquia announced Monday that Chapter Three was one of its top three growth partners in 2016!

Chapter Three has developed and hosted multi-site installations for large companies like CooperVision and Memorial Care on the Acquia platform for over four years, and we partner with Acquia to host many more sites.

"Chapter Three partners with Acquia to create enterprise class solutions," explains Chapter Three managing partner, John Faber. "We use the Acquia platform for our Drupal 8 sites, supporting our clients by supporting each other."

Acquia is a certified Drupal 8 hosting provider and is especially beneficial for Drupal 8 sites. Drupal 8’s Configuration Management system and the Acquia platform dramatically simplify multi-site installations and management. Each module’s configuration uses a shared API, meaning that Chapter Three site builders can move configuration reliably from one environment or site to another as easily as they can move code.

"Acquia partners are thought leaders, storytellers, and tastemakers who continue to amaze me with their ability to think ahead of the curve," said Acquia director Meg Fitzgerald. "They are defining what a customer journey looks like and ultimately sculpting what the next version of digital engagement should be."

The Growth Partner Award that we recently won from Acquia shows we’re not like any other partner, we’re Drupal 8 growth. We can step up to the plate and say, we know this stuff. That’s how Drupal works and that’s how open source operates.