June 19, 2017

Architecture and engineering company HDR wanted to bring their web presence into the modern age. The unsupported platform, dated desktop-only design and disorganized content did not reflect the company’s innovative and energetic spirit. "We wanted a platform that would allow us to reflect who we are and that would be flexible as we continue to grow," said HDR Vice President Nancy Gruwell.

Our goal was to bring HDR’s personality to the forefront with their new Drupal 8 website. Through extensive strategy and design workshops, facilitated on-site in Omaha and virtually with distributed team members, we crafted an information architecture and aesthetic that supported internal initiatives while enhancing the general public’s experience.

“Chapter Three was a great partner to us during our strategy meetings, theming, development, and ultimate launch of our new website.” 
– Nancy Gruwell, VP at HDR

Masterfully Showcasing Curated Imagery & Talent

We leveraged HDR’s vast collection of project imagery and videos for this project. In designing templates, our strategists gave special consideration to vertically-oriented images of tall buildings and structures so that HDR wouldn’t be forced into formats that diminished their portfolio as they were with their previous site. Videos can be placed as easily as images in hero banners, carousels, and copy. Associating articles, services, and projects with real employees at HDR helps humanize an industry that otherwise could feel more calculated and precise than warm and approachable.

HDR's Drupal 6 Homepage

HDR's New Homepage

Accounting for Internal Requirements

HDR’s new Drupal 8 site is more than just a pretty design. It’s also a robust and user-friendly software product that’s designed around HDR’s internal stakeholder requirements. The new website consolidates five separate websites into one multilingual site to uphold brand standards, streamline updates and empower editors. From C-level execs to IT staff, careful planning with the right stakeholders at the right times allowed us to produce development roadmap documents that ensured a fully-featured product that met everyone’s needs. The roadmap also meant that all stakeholders had visibility into each stage of the project, helping the project stay within scope, on time and on budget.

“Our Chapter Three team listened to all of our wants and goals and helped guide us to a terrific solution. They always made time for our requests, small or large and were extremely responsive and quite honestly, just a pleasure to work with.” 
– Nancy Gruwell, VP at HDR

HDR's Old About Us PAge

HDR's New About Us Landing Page

Flexibility Made Easy

We implemented a slice-based layout for campaign pages, which allows editors to create different layouts to suit to their needs, while ensuring a consistent design across the site on all devices. In the backend, this is powered by a library of slice types, from accordions and slideshows to multiple columns - all powered with the paragraphs module.

A Service Page on HDR's Old Website

The Same Service Page Transformed

Complex Content Migrations

We migrated hundreds of portfolio pieces, news items, blog posts, and resources from HDR’s Drupal 6 sites to the new Drupal 8 site. Wonderful, high-resolution images that were previously stuffed into small slots now shine with the prominence they deserve.

Support for Custom External Feeds

We integrated a locations feed with Google Maps to provide up-to-date accuracy of where HDR operates at any given moment.

A Future-Minded Multilingual Platform

When mocking up the designs, Chapter Three included the German language in the comps to ensure the design could accommodate longer character counts. The German site is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Animated Training Handbooks & Giving Back

We provided HDR with a living training handbook for content editors, complete with accompanying how-to animations and editorial instructions. Content entry was where HDR’s company values were truly put to the test. HDR exhibited an exceptional level of team collaboration, careful consideration, diligent accountability and swift execution – and it shows in the final product!

“I can’t imagine what would have happened without Chapter Three as a partner on this project. Everyone that views our new site is extremely complimentary and we’re excited to see where the future takes us.” 
– Nancy Gruwell, VP at HDR

We are ecstatic to have had the opportunity to work with an outstanding firm like HDR and look forward to our continued collaboration!