Nica Lorber Senior UX Strategist
March 5, 2011

It's with great satisfaction that I'd like to announce the completion of our new Chapter Three site redesign, into which we poured our very best efforts. We used this project as a playground to explore new methods and processes and discovered a few gems along the way.

How we did it

  1. We redesigned our logo

    We updated our logo to make it more flexible and modern. While our old logo had personality, it also had limitations in its specificity of style. Our new logo is derivative of our old, but cleaner and simpler, which allows for better brand clarity and the communication of a more cohesive vision.

  2. We hired a copy writer

    Words are everything. They're powerful. And, in the web medium, communication is king. Say something right and you can change people's minds. Say it wrong, and your voice is lost. We'd like to thank Jessica Hui for helping craft our message from start to finish.

  3. We did a content inventory

    We began by doing a content inventory of our existing site. This was both a practice adopted from this book and a tactic we found so valuable that we now use it in all our projects. It helps paint a comprehensive picture of your starting point.

  4. We created goals for each page

    After creating goals for the site redesign, we took it a step further and created goals for each page. This was a great practice for creating consensus, and provided a framework for design feedback. Knowing what you're trying to accomplish helps keep things on track.

  5. We committed to long-term maintenance

    Our site is live, but it isn't finished. We delegated a team to reassess the site on a bi-weekly basis to address ongoing usability enhancements, strategic feature additions and bug fixes. The site will continue to grow and change as our company matures.

  6. We added the Learn section

    We created a new area to share our knowledge with the community. Sharing knowledge is a core part of the Drupal way, so we've made everything easier to find.

  7. We added a presentation section

    We have many thought leaders at Chapter Three who speak regularly at conferences, so we dedicated an area to showcase both upcoming and past presentations.

  8. We improved our client section

    We designed a different way to showcase our client work to better illustrate what we did and who made it happen.

Finally, I'd like to thank Floor, Arshad, Farsheed, Stephanie, Eric, Matt, Josh, Zack, David, Travis, Jessica, Jen, Kate, Pritish, Will, Steve and the Pantheon team for all your contributions to the success of this redesign.