Nica Lorber Senior UX Strategist
May 18, 2015

DrupalCon LA was a success! Even though our booth got lost by UPS, our team pulled together a make-shift booth in a matter of days, gave three well received talks, led a successful training, participated in the Friday code sprints and mentored other aspiring Drupalistas. All in all, another great conference! Thanks to all the generous organizers and speakers who made this event possible. 

Here are some superb photos from DrupalCon LA.

Below are the session and panel videos from Mark Ferree, Garret Voorhees and Alex Pott.

Q&A with Dries and the Drupal 8 Core Team

Speakers:Dries Buytaert, Alex Pott, Angela Byron & Jess Myrbo

The Wonderful World of (Web) Typography

Speaker: Garret Voorhees

Site Building like a Software Engineer

Speaker: Mark Ferree