May 6, 2014

I'm excited to be joining Chapter Three as their Drupal Research Engineer. 

My role at Chapter Three is to contribute to Drupal 8 development and maintenance. Once Drupal 8 becomes viable, I'll be providing support on planning new Drupal 8 projects. It's fantastic that Chapter Three has stepped up to create a position for me to continue to work on Drupal 8.

The first priority for me is to complete the Configuration Management initiative work for the upcoming beta release. Configuration management is the new core subsystem that allows simple deployment to production of things like fields, views, and which modules are installed.

Over the last year I have been funding myself, received amazing support through Gittip and have had sponsorship from a couple of large companies. Thank you for all of the support. Now that I'm receiving a regular salary I'm going to be using my Gittip to support and supporting Drupal 8 in other ways, for example,

I look forward to representing Chapter Three at Drupal events around the world and continuing to push Drupal 8 towards a release.