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January 20, 2011

We at Chapter Three are very privileged to have Josh Koenig as one of our founders. His years of experience within the Drupal Community, whether through contributions to Drupal modules and core patches, or in the development of high-performance solutions for Drupal websites, has played a major part in making our company one of the Drupal World’s cutting edge firms.

January 22nd and 23rd, Josh is taking his wealth of knowledge to Australia for the inaugural DrupalDownUnder conference in Brisbane. The DrupalDownUnder conference features engaging sessions for all experience levels, covering both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, as well as excellent keynote speeches from some of the biggest names in Drupal.

On Saturday the 22nd Josh will be presenting a session on high performance development using the Pantheon platform developed over the past year. He will be providing attendees with a thorough breakdown of the Pantheon stack; what it is, why it matters, and how it will take Drupal to the next level as a content management system.

Wrapping up the festivities on Sunday the 23rd, Josh is giving his keynote speech on the future of Drupal as a Web platform. The accelerating growth of web domains and websites provides a unique opportunity for Drupal to breakthrough as the first all-around platform for the web. Josh will present the case for Drupal being the future for the web, reviewing the opportunities at hand as well as the challenges needing to be overcome in order for Drupal to realize its full potential.

Congratulations to the lucky group attending this exciting event. We are very proud to have Josh representing Chapter Three at Drupal events around the world. If you want to follow the action in Brisbane check out the Twitter and Flickr feeds for the conference, or learn more about Josh’s Drupal musings and much more on our blog.