June 13, 2017

MariaDB came to Chapter Three when planning an exciting new event, the M|17 Conference in New York City. The upcoming sessions were rich in content and MariaDB wanted to work with us to maximize lead generation and collaborate with their marketing team to execute a successful event from pre to post launch.

The original M|17 site had several clear UX problems like low contrast pages, missed opportunities for conversion CTAs, and far too many clicks to get to the sessions and registration content.

Below are a few examples of successful improvements Chapter Three delivered for MariaDB:

Strategic homepage quick wins

The original designs included bulky text that diminished the imagery and tone of the content. Our UX team explored MariaDB's existing brand guidelines to select on-tone typography, which we set to the left to frame NYC skyline as a focal point. As you can see below, we color-corrected the photo to coordinate MariaDB brand colors and cropped it so that the text fell over the sky to improve contrast for accessibility. 

We placed a Call to Action (CTA) to purchase tickets above the fold and added a "Watch Now" CTA to view the event live streams. The goals were to increase inbound traffic to the event and increase user conversions.

M17 Hero Before


M17 Hero After


Using color to increase conversions

The previous purchase ticket CTA was heavy, and the "ghost" style button was too easy to miss as users scrolled down the page. Our team replaced this section with modern cool gray to complement the green accent color, which enticed users to click through to the registration section. 

M17 CTA before
M17 CTA after

Establishing consistent font hierarchy for better visual digestion

One quick way to improve a site's look and feel is to apply a consistent font hierarchy. In the case of the MariaDB agenda section, we removed the serif font and used only a san serif font for easy chart readability. We also changed the gray background to white for high contrast and better accessibility. 

M17 Agenda Before


M17 Agenda After


You can see the post-event M|17 conference website here. There are several great sessions available to watch via video -- I highly recommend checking them out!