January 16, 2009

Today we're proud to have our showcase case study of Chapter Three's work on Moblin.org posted to the Drupal.org frontpage!

This was one of the more interesting and fun projects we worked on in 2008, thanks in part to our excellent collaborators at Intel, the awesomeness that is Drupal 6, and the close-to-our-hearts use-case of helping an open-source developer community create its home on the web.

I'd posted previously about this project as it featured a new release of the usability-boosting menutrails module, and we'll be sure to add it to our portfolio soon as well, but I wanted to highlight the case-study, because it gives what I consider to be a really great overview of how the project worked.

Also, I sure doesn't hurt that we got some positive reviews from the Moblin team on the project:

"Working with Chapter Three was great! They understood the development workflow perfectly and accommodated our needs to handle the theming and IA of the site. Add to this the short timeline and last minute changes they put up with. One area that Chapter Three really helped was setting up the development environment for us. This has proved invaluable to managing the site and pushing new features."

--Michael Shaver, Intel

Michael and I will both be keeping an eye on the Drupal.org post, so feel free to drop comments and questions there, and we'll respond as quickly as possible.