Jon Skulski Senior Drupal Architect
April 25, 2010

Contributing back to the community is absolutely the best part of working with any open source project. The drupal community is a particularly amazing group to work with As any attendee of the late and great DrupalCon SF can attest. So I leap at the chance to give back.

First, ChapterThree is making our first public announcement of our features server.

It runs on our Mercury stack in the cloud. And to christen our new voyage is the Open Atrium Apache Solr Feature. This feature allows full Apache Solr integration on the excellent OpenAtrium.

Thanks to all the work done by Developmentseed and the ApacheSolr teams! I look forward to your feedback and patches.

Nb. To clarify, registering for an account is only necessary if you want to leave a comment/bug report/etc on our features server. You are free to download and play without signing anything. Thanks!