February 25, 2011

As my hombre Rob Purdie has already blogged, the fabulous Drupalists at NodeOne have posted some really fantastic videos from the most recent DrupalCamp Stockholm online. I gave three presentations there, but the one that was on tape is a talk about how we've been working with some Universities to build sites with Drupal:

How Berkeley and Stanford University Use Drupal (Joshua Koenig) from Wunderkraut Sweden on Vimeo.

How Berkeley and Stanford University Use Drupal (Joshua Koenig) from NodeOne.se on Vimeo.

It's a mix of business practices and general tips on how Universities (and other big organizations) can do a lot with Drupal as a platform, not just for building a single site, but maybe hundreds! Even though I think I could have given a slightly better talk — jetlag and a cold don't put me at the top of my game — it's still got a lot of good information about how we've been making this whole "running a consultancy" thing work.

And check out the other videos too. They're quite high quality (I hope we can do as well for DrupalCon SF), and you can see Ken Rickard explaining Domain Access, Addi talking about Drupal as a Movement, and experience the force of nature that is MortonDK.

This comes on top of the already (in)famous video of the Kitten Killers doing their take on the Drupal song. It really was an amazing conference. I'm definitely looking forward to showing our Sweedish friends some reciprocal hospitality come April!