July 23, 2012

Your Drupal site launched!

Now you need to know the best ways to support your site as it grows. Or maybe you've had your site for awhile (or taking over someone's work) and its starting to show some wear and tear. In this session, we will talk about methods and tools for supporting your site over the longterm. How to manage the different groups that might be contributing to your website and their various levels of Drupal know-how. How to audit your site and detect problems. Security Reviews Monitoring your site for trends. Updates and Upgrades What are the best ways to turn to Drupal.org and the Drupal community for support? How to create awesome documentation. Join in and share your best practices - or horror stories :)

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/meghsweet/la-drupal-camp-2012-maintaining-a-drupal-site