Lindsay Paul Office Manager
May 24, 2016

Sharing Fridays: The way in which the folk of Chapter Three share our internet-acquired knowledge gained throughout the course of the week.

  • DrupalCon NOLA happened! Once Upon A Drop Cap will bring you back to when words were the experience and letters were your voice.
  • In open source news--Commercial software vendors are increasingly adding open source code to their products and making sure to leave in all the security vulnerabilities.
  • Imagine a world without language barriers. Perhaps the future does hold some promise!
  • Space based global cloud platform.
  • Will Chrome ever be defeated? It isn’t looking like it, though Firefox is stepping up its game.
  • Drupal and Open Source veteran, Brian Behlendorf is now joining the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project whose mission is to advance blockchain technology.

Gliding through the week like

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