Nica Lorber Senior UX Strategist
May 9, 2011

We gave the SF and Washington Examiner websites a brand new look and feel, migrated them to Drupal, and revamped their information architecture.

Adapting a classic brand for the web

SF Examiner Before and After

We set out to to evolve the papers' classic aesthetic into a contemporary design, tailored to better fit the digital medium. Our solution focused on prioritizing the display of imagery, maximizing real estate above the fold, and improving visual heirarchy to create a richer, more meaningful experience for readers.

Greater flexibility for content editors

We created feature areas that allow editorial flexibility in key sections. We impoved the prominence of the blog, providing greater visibilty in the primary navigation structure, and created landing pages to schowcase blog columns.  

Integrating with 3rd party systems

We integrated the site with multiple third-party systems, including a calendar, job board, DoubleClick, classified section, and sports widget.

Delivering a better user experience

We improved navigation and browsing by implementing a better visual hierarchy of articles, more imagery, and more consistent layout patterns. We designed a clearer, more flexible solution for local news, and designed a more robust taxonomy system to feature content across multiple sections.