Susan McCormick Senior Project Manager
April 6, 2015

The Chapter Three team is getting out and about this weekend to attend two Drupal camps on opposite sides of the country.  These camps are great opportunities to learn new skills and connect with the Drupal community. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bala Bosch, Andy Klepner, Drew Bolles and Casey Wight will be at Florida Drupal Camp in Orlando.

Casey and Drew are presenting on some advanced theming concepts:

Gulpin', Gruntin', or None of the Above: Front-End Build Process

Current front-end workflow benefits from the use of a few fresh technologies, white currently are not standardized. Drupal front-end development means familiarity with LESS, Sass and likely SMACSS. This is especially true as we move closer to a D8 release date. Both LESS and Sass need some form of compiling to produce browser-compatible CSS: GUI-based or command-line based.

Andy is presenting an intro to Drupal theming:

Sassersize! Intro to Sass for Drupal Themes

Take your CSS to the next level with Sass. In this session we will explore the fundamentals of using Sass in Drupal Themes. Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) has powerful features which allow you to write your code in less time with more flexibility and readability.More and more professional projects today incorporate Sass for its efficiency and ability to streamline Drupal Themes.

Closer to home at Stanford Drupal Camp Mark Ferree, Arlina Espinoza, Zakiya Khabir and Daniel Verrico will be attending.

Mark, our Director of Engineering, will be presenting:

Beginners Guide to Drupal 8 Module Development

Have you written a few simple modules for Drupal 7, and are a little bit nervous to find out the changes you'll be facing in Drupal 8? This session is for you.The topics covered should be easily understood by anyone who is comfortable writing PHP. If you are still learning the basics of writing modules things might move a bit too quickly, but you should come anyway! I'll be covering the concepts introduced to the Drupal world via Drupal 8 that you will be using most frequently. The focus will be on what you NEED to know to write functional modules. I'll do my best to stay away from the cool possibilities and elegant architecture that we get with Drupal 8, but sometimes the excitement is too much for me to handle.

Zakiya will be sharing:

Drupal 8 Theming

Drupal 8 means big changes and a great deal more freedom for themers. This session will be a step-by-step walk through of how to build a theme in Drupal 8. I'll cover: General changes in Drupal 8 Setting up your site for local development Adding stylesheets, js, and libraries (lots of changes here!) Configuring and initializing your custom theme Preprocess functions Twig, Twig, and more Twig Responsive features built into Drupal 8 Also featuring: Code samples and a live demo. To get the most out of this session you should have some familiarity with Drupal development.

Arlina will be letting you know where Drupal's limits can be found in:

Can Drupal Do It?

We are used to thinking about Drupal as a CMS. But what happens when your awesome site starts scaling, and requirements fall beyond installing modules? In this session I'll be exploring one of the features we love about Drupal: its extensibility. In particular, I'll talk about two cases: Doing custom development on top of Drupal's API. Harnessing third party APIs to bring new functionality, or just replace where Drupal falls short. I'll go over some use cases, and in doing so, hope to broaden the view of what Drupal is capable of, and maybe blur the CMS line a bit.