January 5, 2016

Happy new year, everyone. 

2016 is now upon us, and we're all looking forward to the coming year with optimism, enthusiasm and anticipation. We've also had the opportunity to reflect on the past year's challenges, accomplishments, and operations. In 2015 we shared much of our experience and knowledge in sessions, trainings, and blog posts.

These are our top 5 blog posts from 2015:

1) Principles of Configuration Management - Part One

One of Drupal 8's most eagerly anticipated features was Configuration Management. Alex Pott's series provides a detailed run-down of this exciting new feature. This post is the first to three parts - be sure to read Part Two and Part Three.

2) Decapitated Drupal: Downsides to Decoupling

Mark Feree is no stranger to Drupal: its strengths, shortcomings, flexibility, particularities, and interesting history. He's also familiar with alliterations. This article provides insight to the technical details of implementing a headless Drupal site.

3) Drupal 8 Myths

I wanted to take a moment to establish some basic principles about how the new system was shaping up. After we poured so much effort into Drupal 8, I felt it was important to dispel some of the myths and rumors we had heard and read from the community. Drupal 8 includes many improvements, but has not lost sight of its goals.

4) Drupal 8 and the Enterprise

A segment of the community shared their concerns about Drupal 8 being too Enterprise-focused. Alex took the time to elaborate on the Drupal 8 trajectory. As it has always been, Drupal is for everyone - enterprise included.

5) Drupal Development with Docker Compose

Docker provides developers the power and control of virtualized environments. Brian Fisher wrote an article to help you work on Drupal using containers and Docker Compose. This article will likely convince you ditch MAMP, and even Vagrant.