Lindsay Paul Office Manager
March 29, 2016

Happy Friday to all. Here in the confines of Chapter Three, we have a weekly tradition of sharing the happs in tech news, relevant + noteworthy articles, as well as whatever we feel prompted to share and discuss amongst our team!

April will be a traversing month for developers Arlina and Israel! First on the itinerary is Stanford Camp and then it’s off to Guadalajara.

  • 16 Personalities provides free Meyers-Briggs personality tests with explanations on results.

  • New York is considering tax-credit for Open Source contributors! Time to get crankin, Drupalers.

  • P.S. you can turn a baked potato into a tauntaun.

  • My ideal library exists in Rio De Janeiro. A developer’s dream library lives right here.

  • An interesting Complexity Auditor--because maps + colors can also make code easier to navigate!

And, at last, I hop everyone had an eggcellent Easter!

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