Stephanie Canon Managing Partner Follow
June 5, 2020

I've been doing a lot of listening, reading and educating myself over the past few weeks.  I don't always know the right things to do in every situation but I do know that as a leader at Chapter Three I can help to create a culture where everyone is accepted and feels heard. 

Chapter Three is a company that values inclusion and diversity.  We are heartbroken by the events of the past two weeks and the fact that racism exists today is unacceptable.  

We are proud of our team's diversity and what that brings to our clients and projects that we work on. We are committed to fostering a space where we love and empower each other and listen with open minds, open hearts and don’t hold any judgements.   We do not tolerate hate, racism or injustice and we contribute to an inclusive environment for our diverse development team. 

We are fully committed to fighting injustice for the long haul, not just today or this week, but forever.  We are actively working on more ways in which we can give back but for a start we will be donating to the Loveland Foundation

It feels like it will never be enough but there is always a place to start.