Nica Lorber Senior UX Strategist
February 6, 2013

We created a new site for Xyratex to better communicate with its target audiences, and reflect its evolution into a solutions company.

A new website for a broader audience

Xyratex website

Our redesign needed to embody Xyratex’s evolution into a solutions company and communicate more directly to its customers. To achieve this, we created a more visually stunning and easily navigable site, shaped by a meaningful new messaging hierarchy.

New logo. New vision.

Old Logo

Old Xyratex Logo

New logo

New Xyratex Logo

Xyratex needed its new logo to point to the company’s new future. But it wasn’t looking for a drastic change — though Xyratex is expanding into new markets, the design still speaks to the company's long heritage.

  • Enhanced legibility
    We pushed the line graphic down and tightened the letter spacing.
  • A new typeface
    Helvetica Compressed, a clean, legible and versatile typeface.
  • Refreshed aesthetic
    We removed the box around the type and changed the shade of blue.

Designing for Xyratex's users

The Products & Solutions page was designed to be more usable and approachable. We recategorized the Xyratex product lines and created bold icons representing the three main targets.

This helped clarify and differentiate the various products and services. We also added a slide carousel to the page to highlight contextual examples of how Xyratex products are being used.

Extending the Xyratex identity

Xyratex Identity

We also redesigned Xyratex's corporate collateral: from Powerpoint templates and white papers to business cards and brochures. The goal was to create a cohesive set of materials that reflected the look and feel of the new website.

We also had to represent their large and diverse team of over 2000 employees worldwide with the design. This part of our redesign strategy centered on reinvigorating the Xyratex brand internally and uniting the company in this new direction.