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Chapter Three developed a complete brand identity and website redesign for the Berkeley Institute of Data Science. Our design team used an iterative process to develop design concepts and explore visual motifs that soon became the basis for the new logo, website, web graphics and print collateral. 

BIDS logo white
BIDS laptop and ipad

New Branding and Identity

The Berkeley Institute of Data Science (BIDS) needed a new and unique branding and identity system that fit within Berkeley’s existing color palette. We began by exploring broad questions like: What does data science look like? We asked ourselves how far we could push a visual motif that implies big data without being too literal or narrow in focus. Limiting our creative output to paper in order to explore more ideas quickly, we sketched concepts and sought out visual clues.

BIDS logo group
BIDS Branding Sketch
BIDS people

Choosing a Logo

Sketching yielded a few interesting ideas. We began to digitize some of them and start to explore the typography in Illustrator. From there, we emerged with three distinct design directions, each using a dot-and-line motif. After the first round, we narrowed it down to two design directions. BIDS selected the direction that used concentric, curved lines. We then developed full name and acronym logos using the selected design.

BIDS tablet and mobile
BIDS desktop

"We are thrilled with the site that Chapter Three designed and developed for us! They are extremely thorough and were able to deliver a beautiful site that does everything we were hoping it would."

Kevin Koy
Executive Director | BIDS
BIDS mobile

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