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Reimagining Real Estate

Childress Klein is one of the largest full-service real estate companies in the Southeast US. And while the firm has developed over 50 million square feet of commercial real estate across a variety of sectors, Childress Klein is at heart a family and employee-friendly company. Last year they came to Chapter Three to help them better tell the story of a company with vast market expertise that also has a deep commitment to their employees.

Childress Klein logo
Childress Laptop and Tablet

The Problem

Childress Klein is one of the Southeast's most prominent commercial real estate development firms, a company whose reputation for high quality projects and people is well known in Charlotte and Atlanta.

The old site didn't properly display the depth and breadth of their expertise, the high quality of their projects, and the people that are essential to the company's success. The underlying technology, poor site performance (pages took forever to load!), and dated design were a constant source of frustration. Add to that a navigation structure that led to many digital 'cul de sacs'. It was time to reimagine what a commercial real estate website could be.

Childress Klein two men talking to each other
Childress Klein interior

Our Solution

After careful on-site discovery with the client team, our solution centered on three pillars: people, project expertise, and properties. The company's leadership made clear that their people were the heart and soul of the company; they saw employees as family. You could sense that inside the building but not on the website. We made sure to connect people to projects, both as related content, and in our guidance on imagery and look and feel.  

We developed a design that allowed for big, bold images, made sure real employees were featured throughout the site, created a vastly improved interface for property searches and simplified the navigation structure by housing their services and property types under a single navigation point called "capabilities". There are now 4 primary entry points plus a separate "Careers" section to emphasize the value of employees to the company. People first drives the website.

Childress Klein table and mobile
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Childress Klein mobile

"The work that Chapter Three did on the redesign of our corporate website went above and beyond all of our expectations. Their work, from strategy to design and implementation, showed exactly what a world-class team can accomplish, and the remarkable difference between hiring an average website developer and an extraordinary one. They truly have set the standard for what website design can and ought to be, and I am grateful for their continued partnership on our website."

Mikaela Kasalek
Marketing Manager | Childress Klein

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