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Building an international community of ethical health care advocates

EPiHC (Ethical Principles in Health Care) is a new initiative founded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank. It seeks to promote ethical practices across the international private healthcare delivery system.

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The Problem

Content and design. Content for the EPiHC initiative was previously housed deep within the IFC website. This setup was suitable as an incubator but over time became increasingly impractical from both a visibility and architectural perspective; several navigation elements of the mini-site pointed to pages that were for other IFC topics, not specifically related to EPiHC. Additionally, some important content was buried in PDFs and other documents and the initiative's new branding was not reflected in the old pages. 

Timing. The project needed to be conceptualized, designed and developed quickly to meet promotional and outreach timelines. 

Forms / outreach. In a previous IFC effort such as this one, developing partner relationships (Signatories) was cumbersome, since forms had to be downloaded and emailed to the IFC for vetting, which may have discouraged new partners from signing on and delayed processing of those that had.

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Our Solution

Content and design. We created a sitemap that emphasizes access to priority content ("Principles" and "Become a Signatory") and built several content types and landing pages that allow the site to grow over time without seeming bare at launch (something often afflicting completely new initiatives light on content). We also suggested refactoring content previously locked away in a PDF and turning that into “chapters” incorporated on the left side of the Principles page here. The new EPiHC website shows off clean and elegant design that subtly incorporates the initiative's new branding colors and logo. 

Timing. From kickoff to completion of development in under 2 months with efficient, completely remote collaborative workshops encompassing content strategy, design and development. 

Forms / outreach. We created a highly custom and usable form that allows the organization to easily sign-up, vet and welcome partner institutions as Signatories to the effort (and as users within the website). Over time, an engaged online community will be built with these partners.

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