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Unifying branding and restructuring content for three FundX sites

FundX provides a growing array of advisor and self-directed financial services. They needed a redesign that unified their branding across three websites while maintaining distinct content for each site's core audience.

FundX white logo small
FundX website in laptop

The Problem

FundX has three distinct service lines housed at three different websites. These sites provide investment options, dedicated wealth management, and a resource center with subscription-based newsletter. These 3 sites, while all supporting the core business, had inconsistent branding and content that was buried and hard to manage. The design of the websites was dated and undercut the experience and professionalism the firm delivers to clients. 

FundX-image1. Woman talking at conference table
FundX-image2. Man sitting at conference table

Our Solution

We restructured the information architecture and design to better align the three websites with each other. A simple but important change was converting the navigation header into a tabbed interface between sites. Users can toggle between the newsletter signup, the managed funds site, and wealth management services. We also cleaned up the design to provide a less jarring transition between sites. The result is a coherent experience and easy access the full suite of FundX services.

FundX-desktop layouts
FundX mobile comps

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