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Telling the Story: Great Visuals and New Sections Reflect the Growth of the Bakar Institute at UCSF

The UCSF Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute is an academic home for faculty, students, trainees, and staff at the University who employ computational methodologies to address topics in health and wellness. 

The old Bakar site was a legacy "brochure-ware" site that had not been updated in several years and had developed inconsistencies with UCSF's evolving brand guidance. We addressed both design and functional improvements to allow users to better understand the people, places and work of the Bakar Institute.

What Changed?

The old Bakar Institute website wasn't complex or particularly dense with content, yet the Institute itself has an interesting, and prominent place within the university as a convenor and facilitator of significant research projects. To better tell that story we:

1. Provided uncluttered space for new video banner and better imagery

2. Used simple design elements to display new messaging about their work

3. Big visual elements to display events, bringing much more prominence to key campus talks and meetings

4. Reimagined "people" section allowing sortable bio pages (almost 100) for staff, faculty and scholars for the first time

5. Using taxonomy to seamlessly connect faculty teams with research initiatives 

UCSF Bakar Institute Desktop Screenshots