John Faber Managing Partner Follow
April 26, 2018

Most corporate websites have a career section where people can find out what jobs are open. These sections can range from just a few standing openings to hundreds of vacant positions across multiple job types that open and close frequently. Larger companies traditionally use HR software systems to manage this ebb and flow.

One popular and powerful HR system is Taleo. Many companies simply link offsite to the taleo.com listing, which serves as the company’s only place to see and apply to openings. Other times, that same listing gets embedded on the company’s career section. As you can see in the user journey below for our client MemorialCare, this got the job done, but didn’t really convey a company’s brand or culture.

Step 1: Candidate finds the careers section of MemorialCare’s website.


Step 2: Candidate is linked to the unbranded MemorialCare Taleo job listing.


Step 3: Candidate sees the job description on the unbranded Taleo site, and decides whether or not to apply.


You need a delightful candidate user journey to attract amazing candidates, and this begins with a branded careers section. So, we are giving Taleo customers the ability to display their job postings within their Drupal site, and branding them to match.

MemorialCare saw a dramatic improvement when we redesigned their careers section as a separate website and built an integration with Taleo. The result is a beautiful candidate journey that captures MemorialCare’s brand and culture.

Step 1: Candidates can begin searching by location and job title right away, without clicking additional obscure links.


Step 2: Searching will produce a list of jobs.


Step 3: A detail page gives you an easy to read overview of what to expect and a clear link to apply.


With this Taleo integration, the HR department has full control of the look and feel for their careers content. If they desire a change, there’s no need to contact Taleo– their developers (or Chapter Three, if they prefer!) can make the change right away. When job descriptions or details are updated in Taleo, it automatically gets updated on the new careers site, too! And, Taleo meta-tags give Drupal job listings an extra SEO boost. Jobs listed on the new site are ready to be ingested by a variety of job aggregators.

The way you present your organization matters to prospective talent. Building a Taleo integration with your Drupal site and making it look beautiful will give your organization a competitive edge with quality candidates. If this is something your company is currently struggling with, please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help.