February 27, 2020

This is the second in a series on the redesign of the Childress Klein website. Read Part 1 here.

In our first post we noted how a new visual style, updated content and great photography allowed the Careers section on the redesigned Childress Klein website to stand out. But making people prominent was not isolated to the Careers section, instead it was a governing principle for the whole redesign. And so we recommended technical development and visuals to more easily connect people and expertise. 

Commercial Real Estate Can be Real 

Websites for large commercial real estate firms, especially those with multiple lines of business and expertise, can seem like cold, impersonal places. There’s usually a few (or many) lines of text, a few building images, and stock photography all around; not much to inspire clients or differentiate one company from another. Not much that seems real and specific about the company.

Childress Klein old site development page
The "Development" services page from the old Childress Klein website

Childress Klein wanted to be different. Childress Klein is different. And Chapter Three offered them design and content guidance to make that difference readily apparent. 

A New Template for Childress Klein Services: Expertise = People

Childress Klein’s real estate expertise is divided into six service areas including acquisitions, agency leasing, and property management. Their most public of services because of scope and visibility, is undoubtedly development. And much like their former Careers page didn’t properly tell the company’s story, so too, did their most visible line of business. No more. The new development page is bright, highly visual and personal. It features a few key facts, short copy, stylized text treatment, related news and importantly -- people -- which was missing from the old site. 

Childress Klein Chapter Three Redesigned Development Page
Chapter Three's Redesign of the "Development" services page uses a template that provides flexibility and consistency regardless of which expertise / service area is using it. 


This particular template is used by all the service areas and is designed to enforce some consistency in design but flexibility in how that design is executed. It does this by displaying more or less content and imagery depending upon the needs of a particular service area. The consistent use of real people, not stock images, reinforces the value the company places in its employees, and in their expertise. The takeaway is that these are people -- real people -- that you'll want to work with.

Whether you're a company looking for new tenants, management for your property or projects, or need representation as a buyer or seller, the expertise and the people of Childress Klein are always front and center in the new website.