Nica Lorber Senior UX Strategist
April 3, 2012

A few years back I worked on a project, which will remain nameless, where I redesigned the IPE (In Place Editor) for Panels. My dreams were crushed when I found out implementation was not possible for various techno-complicated reasons.

Fast forward two years and I've redesigned it again, this time for Open Academy. I worked closely with Matt Cheney to design an interface that would not only work for our product, but would also enhance the user experience for all Panel-loving people. I focused on making the interface neutral to work nicely on any site, enlarging the buttons for improved usability and altering the colors of the target regions to make them more intuitive. Earl Miles committed the redesign, implemented by Kevin Montgomery, right before DrupalCon Denver. 

It's been a real pleasure to see an idea from two years ago finally implemented. Feedback has been positive so far and admins have found the usability to be significantly improved.

I'd like to thank Chapter Three for allowing me to dedicate the time to work on this project which will improve the admin experience for everyone.