Cross Industry

We have built Drupal 8 sites across all industries, including Fortune 500, Enterprise, B2B, Education, Media and Marketing.

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Drupal 8 Building Blocks

Real Time Improvements

While working on Drupal 8 projects, our dedicated team upgrades contributed modules and is very active in the core issue queue. We contributed to many of the fixes in Drupal 8.1, and will continue to contribute to ongoing core releases. Chapter Three holds weekly Drupal 8 sprints focused on module porting and our team has been instrumental in porting many of the modules currently available for Drupal 8.

Accelerating Drupal 8 Through Adoption

Chapter Three is Invested in Drupal 8

We Lead by Example

With hands-on experience building more than seven Drupal 8 sites, we’ve cultivated our expertise in real world scenarios. CH2M pushed boundaries as one of the first enterprise Drupal 8 sites. IXIA launched with a fluid and intuitive content administration experience allowing their staff to create custom layouts on the fly.

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Ixia Drupal 8 design comp

We’ve Teamed Up With the Best

An industry leader, Acquia provides the cloud platform that helps us solve some of the stickiest issues unique to launching and supporting enterprise Drupal 8 sites.

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