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Creating National Debt Awareness on College Campuses

Up to Us is a non-profit who engages with college students around fiscal policy and the national debt. With Chapter Three as their technical partner, they launched a new site about four years ago. After noticing that important photos, like the home page hero, were not being updated regularly, Up to Us came to Chapter Three for a design makeover. Our design team created a large set of original illustrations to be used throughout the site, freshening up its entire look and feel. These assets, along with some minor layout changes, are helping Up to Us better communicate its primary goal — encouraging students to take action for a fiscally sound future.

Up to Us color logo



Up to Us laptop - before



Up to Us laptop - after

The Problem

Up to Us had a modern, solidly-built website that needed a design refresh. The non-profit, who engages with college students around fiscal policy and the national debt, also needed to improve site performance for users and search engines alike. As their technical partner since their site launched, Chapter Three was able to save Up to Us time and money by creating and implementing fresher and more consistent visual messaging.

Up to Us image 2
Up to Us image 3

Our Solution

Chapter Three's design team gave the site a makeover, implementing a new illustration language that delivers visual storytelling in varied contexts throughout the site. Using humaaans figures as as starting point, we created illustrations that differ in size and content, but are all grounded in a single, brand-friendly identity. Switching from photos to original illustrations helped the site feel new without requiring any major technical updates. Some minor layout changes helped draw more attention to the site's main goal — encouraging students to  take action to secure a fiscally sound future.


Up to Us illustrations
Up to Us tablet and mobile

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