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January 4, 2023

We're back in person!

2022 was a year of innovation and getting back together in person here at Chapter Three. We attended, trained, and spoke at Drupalcon, Nextjs Conf, Structured ContentJamstack, Badcamp, Drupal Camp Costa Rica, and Drupal 10 Launch Party.

    Badcamp pictures

    If you were not in attendance and are interested in checking out our sessions from this year you can find them on our blog.

    DruaplCon Portland

    Next-Drupal breaks through

    It was a breakout year for Next-Drupal, our new project which turned Drupal’s front end on its head with a fresh solution to solve the headless problem in Drupal. It was recognized by Dries Buytaert at both Drupalcon Portland and Drupalcon Prague as an innovative project that the community should focus on. Project Lead Arshad Chummun released our package to the community and it has been well received with over 1,000 downloads a week. We're also thrilled that Next-Drupal has been acknowledged by all major platform providers (Acquia, Pantheon, Platform.sh).

    We have several live sites using Next-Drupal, including:

    and stay tuned for more Next-Drupal launches next year. If you are interested in learning more about Next-Drupal check out our blog posts:

    We're proud of our team, in and out of the 'office'

    I am always proud of Chapter Three for all of the accomplishments that our team does in the world of Drupal and beyond. But we should really talk more about the heart and soul of what makes Chapter Three who we are. First of all, we have fun! We played 22 virtual games of Railroad Ink and got together in person more then we have since 2019! We had some movie Friday’s where we watched Independence Day, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Home Alone.

    office meetups

    Our team had so many big milestones, events, volunteer contributions and other special gatherings they were a part of this year. We're incredibly grateful for our fantastic staff; their personal success and happiness means so much to us as individuals and as a company. Thanks to all of them for contributing so much to a terrific 2022 and here's to a fantastic start to 2023!  

    Weddings and Engagements