Presentation: Lean Site Building

This session was presented at Stanford Drupal Camp 2014. When a lot of Drupal developers first approach a site they often have a particular ...

How to Write for the Web

Good Web writing makes a site usable. Training content administrators on how to curate content for the Web is a critical component for making sites that people love.


Why your site should be using HTTPS

Does your website offer encrypted HTTPS connections to visitors? Do you use HTTPS by default for administrative logins or lead-generation forms? You may not think you need HTTPS if you just run a brochure marketing site and aren't asking for credit card information, but you might be putting both your site and your users at risk if you don't.


How I customized my Drupal Slideshow

How I customized my Drupal Slideshow

So a client wants a slideshow. No problem! Oh, they want full WYSIWYG for the captions. No problem. What about an option to let a user grab embed code? Easy. It must be responsive, full screen option, attach to nodes, hide and show captions, add branding logo, and make sure you can attach AND embed on the same page. Sure, done deal. Right?


An Event Apart SF 2013 Recap

I just got back from An Event Apart San Francisco and my brain is about to burst. I’ll do my best to summarize my most significant lea...

Happy Holidays from Chapter Three!

We finished our yearly Holiday card last week and thought: "why should mailboxes get all the fun?" We've made some festive wallpapers to ador...

Thanksgiving at

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I think everyone who has ever worked on a project that has gone off the rails should be keeping the developers spending their days, nights, and weekends trying to res...