Death of skeuomorphism and the future of design

The future is now

At the Design4Drupal camp in Boston there was a lot of talk about responsive design the state of design and where the future of design is headed. There was much discussion about what types of devices we may soon be designing for and how people will interact with them.


How to Give Design Feedback Like a Pro

Giving design feedback is hard, but with a few quick tips you do it like a pro. The Design Feedback Sandwich. The best way to keep designers happy is to use what I call the&nb...

Put Some Thought Into Your Files Folder Architecture and The Cats of The Web Will Purr With Thanks.

Recently, I had the special fun of migrating a new client’s site over to a new host. Everything was going smoothly and quickly until I got to the Files folder. It contained a 4-gigabyte hodgepodge of images, thumbnails, pdfs, known site backups and unknown site backups (Yes, unknown! I don't count the WordPress version of the site from six years ago as a "known about" backup). It got me thinking about one part of Drupal that I think many take for granted: The Files system. Drupal is three-part system: Database, Code and Files.

Helping Tintri revolutionize the VM-aware storage market

To expand and gain a stronger foothold in the VM storage market, Tintri turned to Chapter Three to create a new look and feel for their business. As a team, the two companies built a stronger content structure that spoke more effectively to Tintri’s primary audiences.

The project was a resounding success, resulting in an immediate 30% increase in traffic and a significant uptick in lead generation after just one month.


Xyratex Case Study

We created a new site for Xyratex to better communicate with its target audiences, and reflect its evolution into a solutions company. A new website for a broader audience

Basic Ingredients for Good Web Writing

So your boss just made 'copywriter' a de facto addition to your job description, and the only writing you've done since graduation is with To: fields or with two thumbs.

Take heart. With some basic guidelines (grouped by level of difficulty), you can make your writing easier to read and easier to engage than much of what's out there on the wild wild web.

Piece of Cake!


Stanford Libraries Case Study

  We helped Stanford’s Online Experience team create a living, growing online presence to connect people with the full expanse of Stanford University Libraries (SUL) resources. ...