Debugging Drupal

There are generally two reasons you need more information on debugging. Either your site has gone haywire with error messages and WSOD (white screens of death), or you have mustered th...

Ruby, RVM, Gemsets and Bundler/Gemfiles

As a Drupal themer, we're often tasked with building multiple sites concurrently. One site may be a new build from scratch, and another could be a site built two years ago that is getting a new fea...

How Cliché: General Tips for PMs

At the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, I took part in an off-the-cuff conversation about advice for starting project managers. Putting aside the jargon, tools and methodologies, I grasped for conc...

Our Industry Needs Digital Experience Directors

Our industry needs a new position. A person whose entire job is owning, directing and overseeing a website. We need a new title for them. I propose we call them Digital Experience Directors...

Reviewing Code with PHPStorm

One of the main responsibilities of a Drupal core committer is doing a final review of patches before committing them. Since July 1, 2014, I’ve committed

Your Password is Probably Not Secure

For better or worse passwords are how we authenticate ourselves with the plethora of appplications we use every day online. Unfortunately the accepted wisdom about strong passwords is fil...