How to Create a Winning Website

Creating or redesigning a website can be an overwhelming task to take on. Most people don’t know where to start, or get stuck along the way.

To make this process easier to understand, we produced this infographic to illustrate the steps required to create a beautiful and meaningful Drupal website. 

 View the full infographic to learn:


Presentation: Wireframing Smarter

As the sites we build get increasingly complicated, the wireframing phase is increasingly important. Solving high-level usability challenges early in the process is less expensive and faster for you and your clients! In this talk, I'll share the techniques and tools we use at Chapter Three to quickly produce high-quality wireframes and maintain your UX sanity.


Managing your Drush Aliases

If you are like me, you have a lot of Drush aliases in your life, aliases for local sites, sites on dev servers, sites at Pantheon, sites at Acquia, sites all over the place.

To get all of the aliases for your Pantheon sites, log into your Pantheon account and click the link in the top right corner of the "Your Sites" page to download.

Pantheon screenshot



Four easy to fix mistakes that will kill site performance

  1. Not Changing APC's Default apc.shm_size Value

    You'll understand why this obscure setting is #1 on the list when you consider the benchmarks of drupal_load below (If you're not using APC, or have no idea what APC is I suggest you keep that fact a secret, and install it now):


Leveling the Learning Curve for Content Admins

What’s the best way to engage users and direct them to your call to action? By now it has become a mantra: Content is King. A great website offers regularly updated, meaningful content. But behind every good blog post, video or event is a content administrator who formats and posts that content. Asking that content admin to “think” is annoying at best and debilitating at worst.


How to update a Drupal site built by others

Have you ever worked on a Drupal site you hadn’t built yourself? If you have you may already know not every developer follows the Drupal development’s best practices and there are many sites containing “hacked” code. Unrelated to espionage and bond villains the phrase “hacked” refers to any community contributed code that has been independently modified since its original download.