Promoting your Drupal Site with Social Media

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The Wall Can Hold Itself Up! Here’s Why You Need to be Social

Introvert? It might be time for some social lubricant. There are at least a couple of good reasons why you should chat it up with social media:


If A Website Launches in the Cloud and No One's Around to See It, Does It Make A Dime?

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Launching a new website can be a lot like going to a big party. You go through all of the preparations: deciding how you want to look, finding the perfect outfit and accessories, putting them together with just the right flare. You assess the final product with butterflies of excitement. Similarly, your new website has probably taken countless hours of design, development and testing by the time it's ready for the much anticipated launch.


Presentation: How Therapy Helped My Client Relationships

Learn how to make your clients love you. This session will uncover tips for successful collaborations and share how mastering human interactions is the key to happiness, success and job satisfaction.

Knowing how to collaborate effectively with clients and co-workers largely accounts for the success of our projects. Yet navigating these waters is not always easy. All of us have encountered sticky situations where clients or co-workers miscommunicate, leading to different intrepretations of reality, which can lead to conflict.


A Drupal Developer in Symfony Land

Last week in San Francisco, around 200 PHP developers, myself included, gathered for the Sensio Labs Symfony Live conference. For the uninitiated, Symfony is a full-stack PHP framework made up of a collection of 23 individual components designed to solve common web development problems.


Leveling Up Your Themer (lvl-0): Contributed Themes & Modules

Drupal can be complicated, but with that comes incredible power and flexibility. The Drupal theme system creates the perfect storm of complexity, UX and control from the interface. Drupal theming isn't easy, but even the layman can do incredible things through pointing and clicking. And if you want to do things The Drupal Way, it's vitally important to learn to let Drupal do what it can from the interface (before even thinking about touching code).


Why Content Governance?

Getting a new website going is like moving your family into a new house.

A good content inventory gets you packed, with everything organized and labeled correctly. (Sometimes this might mean tossing stuff that’s not worth keeping through the move.)


Level-up: for Beginning Themers and Site Builders

New to Drupal theming and site-building or still learning? Do you really want to know "Am I doing this right?" Or maybe you're tried of doing things the "hard way" or just not sure what are the bes...

Content Strategy is the Missing Piece

In lieu of the fact that I was unable to go attend Confab this week, I wanted to represent the Content Strategy movement by sharing a notion I've been thinking about for quite some time. I believe there are three key ingredients to making an amazing website: